Quick Answer: Seafood Cooking Fever When You Have Big Machine?

How much is the cooking machine in Cooking Fever?

For instance, there is the cooking machine, which is available for a limited time only. You can open it by paying 15 gems. It is easier to earn gold in Cooking Fever than diamonds. You need to level up and log in on the seventh day just to get two diamonds.

How do you win the other Cooking Fever?

Terms in this set (4)

  1. Dirty Chef. Leave a burning item on your stove for over a minute.
  2. Negative Balance. Throw away some food in a level to make your balance less than zero.
  3. Burn Them All. At one time have 9 burning dishes on your stove.
  4. Other Way To Win. Beat a level by serving only drinks and cupcakes.

How many levels are in Cooking Fever?

Restaurants are the main playing space of Cooking Fever. Each restaurant location has 40 levels. Players will need to reach a specific experience level to unlock restaurant locations, except for the Fast Food Court.

How do you get gems in cooking Fever 2021?

How Can I Get Free Gems In Cooking Fever 2021?

  1. Play Everyday – daily rewards are offered by logging in and gems are included in these rewards.
  2. Replay the completed levels – You can earn more gems and coins in this way.
  3. Understand Customers – Try to understand facial expression and mood of the customers.
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How do you get extra clients on cooking fever?

Cooking Fever on Twitter: “Did you know, you can get extra clients to help you achieve 3 stars, by purchasing the scoreboard for your interior? … ”

How do you get the casino on cooking fever?

One must first win double coins, immediately close the game, and then reopen the game, and the triple gems will appear. However, the winning coin value is still 1000.

What’s the newest restaurant in cooking fever?

A fabulous brand-new place – The Frog and Snail restaurant has opened in Cooking Fever!

Has anyone ever won more than 15 diamonds on cooking fever?

You can never ever ever get more than 15 gems. PERIOD! I only got triple gems once on 500 coin bet and that was on an old phone years ago. I think they have since rigged to make impossible to get it.

How often are challenges in cooking fever?

To participate you will need to pay 16 500 coins and 14 gems. During the Challenge players are supposed to complete 15 special levels to form the image of the gem and win. Unlike the Tournament, each Challenge can be played only once per restaurant.

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