Quick Answer: What Is In The Seafood Sensation At Subway?

Does subway have a seafood sub?

“But if that wasn’t enough, Subway has also agreed to bring back the seafood-sidekick: Thousand Island sauce.” The Seafood Sensation six-inch sub hits stores on Monday, November 30.

Is seafood sensation back at Subway?

That’s right, after being ditched by the sandwich chain in 2018, the Seafood Sensation is coming back. “When Seafood Sensation made way for new flavours, we had no idea how many secret seafood-lovers would be shattered by the news,” Subway PR manager Amanda Templeton said in a statement.

Did subway discontinue the seafood sub?

The Subway Seafood Sensation is a discontinued menu item that was so popular, there is a Facebook page dedicated to fans who want to bring it back to the menu. While Subway has not announced its return any time soon, the fandom and recipe live on. Subway Seafood Sensation.

What is in seafood sensation?

You’ll get the sensation it’s mostly not crab! According to SeafoodSource, the sandwich is 10% real crabmeat and 90% surimi made from Alaskan pollock. Some non-chain restaurants are also sneaking surimi seafood into their dishes by hiding it in “lobster” rolls.

What is in a Subway Veggie Delight?

Sandwiches Veggie Delite® The Veggie Delite® sandwich is crispy, crunchy, vegetarian perfection. With lettuce, baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and red onions, all on our Hearty Multigrain bread.

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What’s in seafood extender?

They contain fish that has been pulped and washed to remove odour. The texture is then improved with starch, egg white, vegetable oil, meat glue and humectants. Salt, sugar, MSG and other flavours are added to give the surimi flavour.

What is the healthiest bread to eat at Subway?

Some of the healthiest Subway bread options are the 9-grain wheat, the 9-grain honey oat, and the multigrain and artisan flatbreads. These are fairly low in calories, but more importantly, they’re fairly low in something that plagues the nutrition of many other Subway breads—sodium.

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