Readers ask: Where To Buy Trident Seafood?

Where is Trident Seafoods located?

Trident Seafoods Corporate Office is located in Seattle, Washington in the heart of Ballard, Seattle’s famous commercial fishing community, northwest of downtown. 5303 Shilshole Ave. N.W.

Who owns Trident Seafoods?

Madelyn Kearns. Founder and majority owner of Trident Seafoods Chuck Bundrant has achieved billionaire status, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index – a far cry from when, as a college freshman in 1961, Bundrant drove to Seattle, Washington U.S.A. with just USD 80 (EUR 68) in his pocket and fishing on his mind.

Is Trident Seafoods wild caught?

Trident Seafoods products make it easy to love what’s good for you with wild caught fish from Alaska, directly from the fisherman who caught it. It’s not only delicious and easy to prepare, but its health benefits will make your hair more lustrous and your skin more radiant.

Does Costco carry Trident fish sticks?

Trident Seafoods The Ultimate Fish Stick, Wild Alaskan Pollock, 60 ct, 4 lbs | Costco.

Is Trident seafood sustainable?

Trident Seafoods says it has a strong commitment to sustainable fishing practices. “Because we process as well as harvest seafood, we can hold ourselves to a higher standard of accountability – we are constantly innovating to reduce the environmental footprint of vessel and shore operations.”

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Does Casey mcmanus own Trident?

During the off season, Casey also worked as a port engineer for Trident. By the age of 29, Casey had his Master’s license and in 2013 Casey took over as the Captain of the F/V Cornelia Marie. He later became part owner.

Is Costco salmon processed in China?

In China, it is thawed, processed into multiple saleable forms (e.g., bags of filets for Jewel and Costco), then frozen again and shipped back here to be sold cheaply.

Is Trident seafood kosher?

Trident Seafoods plants are certified for kosher production OU with products that are available year round in can sizes of 14.75oz, 7.5oz and 3.75oz. Trident is dedicated to packing and delivering only the highest quality, satisfaction and value to the consumer.

Are Trident salmon Burgers wild caught?

For a great tasting, healthy burger alternative, serve up delicious Trident Seafoods Wild Alaska Salmon Burgers. They’re made with wild, sustainable, ocean-caught whole fillets with no fillers and lightly seasoned with a delightful ‘just-off-the-grill,’ smoky flavor.

Is Aquastar salmon really wild caught?

Our all natural, wild caught salmon has a rich flavor and firm, flakey texture. It’s healthy, delicious and much easier to cook than you think.

Where are Trident salmon Burgers processed?

“There are 36 pin bones in a salmon and the best way to remove them is by hand,” says Charles Bundrant, founder of Trident, which ships about 30 million pounds of its 1.2 billion-pound annual harvest to China for processing. “Something that would cost us $1 per pound labor here, they get it done for 20 cents in China.”

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Are Trident fish sticks healthy?

Trident The Ultimate Fish Stick nutrition and ingredients. Three pieces is the recommended serving and I find that plenty for a fish sandwich with appropriate toppings. The sticks are relatively healthy used in such a portion size.

Are Trident fish sticks fully cooked?

Internal temperature should be at least 165°F. We strive to produce a fully “boneless” product. As with all fish, however, occasional bones may still be present.

How do you air Fry fish sticks at Costco?

AIR FRYER: Set air fryer temperature to 400°F. Place frozen fish sticks in a single layer, cook for 10 to 11 minutes. DEEP FRY: Heat oil to 350° F. Fry frozen fish sticks for 3 to 4 minutes until product is golden brown.

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